VIVID Finalists

Levity Tall Cabinet

Gregory Allan
Designed with the purpose of keeping one’s most precious items high on a pedestal. Warm brass supports and natural Oak tones contrasted by the elegant sleek faceted base. Tambour door and open shelves. American Oak. Ebonised Oak and shop made Brass hardware. Hardwax oil finish.

Orev Chair

Arian Berisa
Orev is a low sitting chair which is minimally designed to use structural angles and less materials to create an ergonomic seating style. Two materials of opposite strengths come together to make one complete piece with each material compensating each others functionality and structural integrity.


Manuel Canestrini & Colin Whitehead
The SYMBIONT coffee table is a collection of different shaped slotted timber table tops and various sized timber legs and connectors. As each table top only comes with two legs it has to connect to another table to stand firmly while allowing diverse compositions of shapes and heights.

Kami – No Profile Furniture

James Chapman
Kami is a furniture piece designed specifically for spatially constrained environments and multifunctional spaces. At only 11mm thick, Kami pieces can fold from a floor covering or wall hanging to a fully functioning stool in seconds all without the need for complex instructions or locking mechanisms.

Monolith Table

Nelli Hegi & Pavel Vetrov
Monolith Table is an exploration of well-refined mathematical angles and curvilinear forms. Offered in both a square and round option and available in three different finishes, the simple yet carefully considered silhouette of the Monolith makes it stand out on its own while acting as an eye-catching feature when grouped together.


Calum Hurley
Hurley’s first realised chair design, ‘Chair001’ takes form and colour cues from previous works – especially ‘Window Vain’ (2019). Hand-woven upholstery designed with and made by fibre artist Carol Hebertson reflects the sporadic nature of Hurley’s signature terrazzo; employed here as a handy side table.

Lovebird Dining Table

Brett Julian
The Love Bird dining table made from American White Oak. A versatile and elegant design featuring a shaped and tapered leg. Made using traditional mortise and tenon joinery to achieve an extremely robust and lightweight frame.

Green Glass

Brianna Keenan & Tyler Storey
Green Glass brings more greenery to living and alfresco spaces. A versatile piece, Green Glass is perfect as a side table or coffee table, whilst being suitable both indoors and outdoors. Its modern design brings a contemporary appeal to brighten your living spaces. Plant Green Glass your way.


Jun Kim
The Pop table range brings a new perspective to its typology through its distinctive rounded legs that subtly extrude beyond the table top, challenging the traditional notion of legs being confined to below table tops. Made of American oak and designed in 2020.

Chroic Side Table

Callan Kneale
Cantilevered dichroic laminated glass side table with Tasmanian oak turned tapered leg and 3D printed Brass Glass clamp & threaded legs.

Elephant Stool

Myra Kosen & Ivy Li
Inspired by Japanese origami to have sharp, clean edges and to stack up with each other, this Elephant stool explores the potential of using a single sheet of material, cut and scored, which can then be folded to form functional furniture.

Cab Chair

Jordan Leeflang
The Cab Chair takes inspiration from long journeys in unfamiliar landscapes. The welcoming felted upholstery nestles between the expressive Blackwood. The facets of the timber are tempered by the softly curved interior. This piece incorporates the processes of coopering, timber lamination and hand formed upholstery.


Carlin Lyon
Concrete tables formed with recycled bubble wrap.

A Bench from Bark

Patrick MacPherson
Layers of Melaleuca paperbark and recycled north coast hardwood, strung along a system of dowels. Timber bookends compress the layers together. Edges where the hand grips and moments when the body adjusts wear the bark away to reveal a new condition beneath, embracing the inevitability of decay.


Michael Papanikolaou
The Ember side table centre support is encased within a burnt trunk from the impacted area, bringing part of this historic devastation into the homes of the Australian community. Proceeds from this purchase will go to communities impacted by the bush fires.


Timothy Robertson
The Lande chair is a reflection of a unique and inquisitive design process that explores cultural values and native elements of the Australian people and landscape. Taking playful cues from native flora, a sleek organic form ties into a beautiful narrative that emphasises natural, honest and ethical materials and manufacture.

Round Dining Table

Matthew Sherwen
Designed for a client who loves to cook and share intimate meals with friends. Neolith Calacatta is used for heat resistance and becomes a turntable by pushing downwards. The turntable mechanism is designed from three pieces of bronze for low friction. Bronze dovetails used to connect the tabletop to frame.

The Sideboard

Jake Williamson
Every living room needs a conversation starter and nothing gets people talking like The Sideboard. It features our trademark bevelled-edge door which pulls open to reveal one fixed and two adjustable shelves, making it not just pretty but practical too. Made from FSC certified Tasmanian Oak.

Summit Occasional Table

Indy Wilson
Summit is inspired by the natural landscape of the Himalayas. Carefully designed to mimic the silhouette of a mountain, this organic form has been refined for a contemporary stage.

Maple Easy Chair

Riley Woosnam
Working with rational continuous lines, the Easy Chair is reduced into four sections. The seat, the base, the back, and the ottoman. Letting curves be the predominant feature of the design, Steam Bending was the process that allowed American Hard Maple to appear lightweight, relaxed and unified.


Morgan Doty & Ash Allen
Inspired by sand dunes of the Simpson desert; Crest is a pendant light made of paper pulp, re-purposing discarded magazines by vacuum forming over reusable moulds. Two thin domes unite to provide strength, while the split celebrates the peak and how light interacts with a desert landscape at sundown.

InFlux Wall Light

Richard Greenacre
Inspired by the shifting play of light and shadow, the InFlux sconce represents an exploration into materiality, digital technology and the experiential properties of light. Slipcast from porcelain, warm indirect light slowly builds and fades across the central textured surface creating a dynamic visual experience that evolves with each glance.

Stroke Light

Cara Jordan-Miller
Designed using scrap materials from a University workshop, the Stroke standing floor lamp is an exercise of frugality in both form and fabrication. Crafted with steel, cast maple veneer and aluminium.

Tidelines Pendant

Xanthe Murphy
The Tidelines Pendant explores the capacity of slip cast porcelain to achieve variations of layered transparency, that are only revealed once illuminated. Drawing inspiration from the soft sand markings of a retreating tide, each pendant has brass components and linen flex cord, and is hand poured, thus unique.

Sarah Tracton
Lucent Pendant

Sarah Tracton
Handcrafted with the finest Australian porcelain clays which deliver luminous and ethereal translucency, the Lucent Pendant is an individualised fusion of fine art, craft and functional design. Its unique vertical cordless design, creates a streamlined visual aesthetic. Iridescent coloured stains resemble landscape topography, creating a singular and ambient lighting experience.

Flower Tower

Denis Wittwer
Flat pack-able and stack-able; The Flower Tower is more than a piece of furniture, it is a customisable construction system that blends elements of furniture, industrial design and fine grain landscape architecture. It is a structural mesh that elegantly, efficiently and sustainably arranges plant matter in a vertical format.


Yuro Cuchor
The retro-futurist appeal of the AUTRE Vessel is found in a playful geometry and a precision. Utilising the ceramic tradition of slip casting combined with machined brass, the AUTRE Vessel celebrates balance, sophistication and purity of form and materials.


Yuro Cuchor
Stoneware Water Jug “ZUZA”.

Elementary Abacus

Marta Figueiredo
Elementary Abacus offers a new kind of inclusive sensory experience. Functioning as a side table or as a playful multisensory element with colourful, tactile and musical moving beads, the piece also includes an aroma diffuser and a braille surface inviting people to interact. Sustainable materials: steel, jesmonite, polylactide, wool, timber

Utensils for Bodily Delight

Cara Jordan-Miller
Spoons designed to encourage the pleasure of eating in a slow and mindful manner as a means of reconnecting the mind, to body, through food. Inspired by bodily forms, each are individually sculpted in wax and cast using the lost wax method, served in silicon. Brass pictured, sterling silver available.

‘Fold’ Shelf

Mark Lilly
The Fold shelf is designed to make the timber look as malleable as paper, deriving function from appearing to fold back from the wall. The shelf can also be used upside down for a different take, by rotating the brackets on the back.

Ikebana Vase

Dean Norton
A formed metal vase constructed using traditional spinning techniques over a custom timber mould and welding laser cut components. Available in electroplated steel, polished and brass coated stainless steel as well as a ceramic edition. The vase has a number of circular openings, strategically placed for dynamic flower arrangement.

Terrain Vase

Sarah Tracton
Terrain is a handcrafted using a niche clay slip poured on plaster method of architectural construction. Made with the finest Australian porcelain, each vase is a fully individualised, one of a kind object that is environmentally sustainable. With its iridescent colouring and unique surface variations, Terrain evokes aerial landscape topography.

Hold 01

Sam Allen
Hold 01 is a response to the notion that candelabras are meant to make a statement. Hold 01, instead, blends seamlessly into the background due to its simplicity. A bead blasted surface diffuses light and emphasises the rounded form. The curved openings gently embrace the candles once they are inside.

UMBRA / Shadow

Manuel Canestrini & Colin Whitehead
UMBRA is a slightly tilted arched standing mirror with a base replicating the shadow it would cast onto the floor. Depending on the viewer’s position the asymmetric base is either invisible or revealing the mirror’s shadow. The black finish emphasises the depiction of a manifested shadow in bright sunlight.

The Macaroni

Pui Yan Casey Chong
The Macaroni is to challenge the common perception of silk, a sheer and delicate material, finding ways to stiffen it yet not changing its main characteristics. It is a juxtaposition of 2-dimensional (printed collages) and 3-dimensional texture (pleating). The deformed mirrored stainless steel plate provides new perception of a mirror.

Fluted Bench

James Colgan
Fluted Bench was inspired by and sought to reinterpret traditional interlocking joinery techniques with modern technology – a CNC router. This easily assembled/disassembled bench seat efficiently nests material on timber units available, and emphasises the aesthetic characteristics of the selected timber species (Tasmanian Blackwood).

Two Curve Chair

Duncan Crowe
Through the repetition of two curved profiles, Two Curved Chair challenges the artificial separation of support structure and seat that has characterised much laminated furniture. Utilising the technique of wood lamination, American Oak is bent to form curved profiles that create the feature of the chair.

Paper Thin

Morgan Doty & Danny Ngo
‘Paper Thin’ is an interior wall covering system. Porous natural fibres gained from revitalising waste paper are pressed into panels and developed into wall tiles to aid in acoustic absorption. Formally adaptive, colour adjustable and conservative in its production; Paper Thin serves as a biodegradable alternative to interior wall finishes.

Claw Hammer Chair

Stephanie Guest
An exploration of expanded cork—a bio-renewable, recyclable, thermally insulating, and light product. Sold as cladding, the material is used structurally here, reinforced with timber cross-beams. A chunky base form of laminated panels was boldly deconstructed with a claw hammer, revealing the cork’s granular structure and a seat for two.


Jay Jermyn & CJ Anderson
Bars_001 is the first product in the collaboration between designer CJ Anderson and artist Jay Jermyn. Bars_001 is an exercise in quantising and repeating standard material to guide the form of the work. Bars_001 is designed out of one full length of material resulting in zero waste with no welds.

Red Yoga Mats

Myra Kosen & Ivy Li
This stool is a concept of how layered fabric could be load-bearing just by rolling it. Taking this concept and experimenting with an old yoga mat, when cutting half the rolled tube into strips, it created a hairy, fun, and playful stool, that gives a second life to old mats.

Phyl Shelving System

Mark Lilly
A modular shelving system that can be reconfigured and added to as requirements change. My aim was to reduce the system to its bare essentials, a repeating unit and steel coupler, resulting in minimum effort for reconfiguring. Set screws on the reverse of the couplers ensure structural integrity.


Shao Chun Lin
To aim was to modify the heavy and constant filter coffee tools on the market. The concept was inspired by office workers. Two components combined into one, which can be easily operated when needed, and won’t occupy any storage space, can be easily stored in drawers or narrow places.

Odd Sock Stool

Sarah Mair, Diana Galimova & Carlin Lyon
Using 3 cheap socks stitched together at their heals and mounted on a CNC cut frame, the Odd Sock Stool is a result of both order and uncertainly. Order dictated by the precise location of the formwork fixings and uncertainty created by the effect of gravity on the concrete slump.

Table 2 of Collection 2

Monroe Masa
The prototype sought to produce a design that adheres to mass production, which retained elements of individuality: evoking a sentiment of custom-made furniture. The design disassembles to illustrate its ability to create multi-functional spaces. Overall, the prototype seeks to redefine what the future of furniture will be.

Matchbook Chair

Tom Morton
Constructed entirely from steel, the Matchbook Chair is inspired by the Australian wrought iron that has so playfully adorned and help define the suburbs of this country. It references the formal, as well as “DIY” nature of this architectural outdoor element. This piece is intended for outdoor settings.

Nayme nO_01

Tanakorn Pongpaew
The design was envisaged as feminine lines with an elegant form. The style and material used and fabric type resemble the Artdeco era. My personal style always reflects and is inspired by organic lines and elegant forms.

BULU (In the shadow of a tree)

Jordan Silver & Stefano Di Lorenzo
Bulu is about bringing plants into urban renewal spaces. In combination, its cells become a singular, industrial organism, and a container for new organic life. BULU is designed with integrated grow lighting and self-watering capability. Both systems are adapted to the available light, accessibility and scale in a given context. Images by Hamish Mcintosh.

Dipping Wafer

Karen Tsui
Exploring timber bending resulted in an singular looped form, bent at both ends to maximize the strength as well as providing a ‘cushion’ effect. This element was repeated and joined by dowels to create stability and add a formal rhythm highlighting the infinity loops.


Fran White
Tessel[p]lates explore the potential of mass-customisation in ceramic slip-casting production. A multi-part plaster mould can be reconfigured to slip-cast a wide range of different ceramic forms that meet varying functional, shape and size requirements. This flexible making process allows different functional objects to emerge such as plates, cups and vases


Colin Whitehead
Form is a sustainibly designed table which uses eco friendly materials. Sitting on a metal gate leg base, the top is made of an ecoply core, eco veneer and a water base to finish the design. It has a multiple purposes creating a longevity for a lifetime of use.