VIVID Finalists

Fence Sitter

Sarah Brooke
This steel expanded mesh bench takes a bubbly and playful approach to a traditionally industrial material. Through investigations into various rolling and tig-wielding process’ I was able to achieve maximum robustness with minimal use of material.

Suspender Chair

Rachael Brown
The sustainable, eco-friendly ‘Suspender Chair’ prototype challenges the notion of seating as an inactive, sedentary activity. I introduce a mentally-stimulating, movement-encouraging chair with an innovative pull-apart design that makes it easy to replace and ship parts. The innovative joinery means when in use, the user’s weight makes the chair stronger.

Mr P

Joandita Centika
The project aims to embody anthropomorphic gesture through everyday object that invites interaction and conversation. Mr P captures a retiring reflection of ourselves. On its simplicity, this coat hanger offers a new way of perceiving domestic object.

Steel Bench

Brandon Chow
The bench is a two seat bench made for outdoor use. It was designed for both residential and commercial use.


Simeon Chua, Emma Kelly
FLOW is a collaboration with Emma Kelly, and investigates digital fabrication joints and techniques. It looks into marrying the conventional aesthetics of traditional craft with contemporary forms and structural principles.

The Dish

Bryan Cush
‘The Dish’ celebrates the 50th anniversary of Parkes’ CSIRO Radiotelescope broadcasting the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing to the world. The brass star map inlay simulates the precise stellar positioning of the Southern sky as viewed at 12.56pm AEST on 21st July 1969 from the rural, central-west NSW town of Parkes.

Loopdey Side Table

Tonielle Dempers
A minimalist pair of side tables designed for disassembly, every element can be recycled. Suited to slide under a couch or bedside. Taking cues from childhood fun which is expressed in the playful details and joinery. Materials of mild steel and timber table tops of rock maple and American oak.

Grenache Wine System

Jaron Dickson
A wall-hung or stackable wine cellar system for the living space or purpose-built cellars. Hand made in Melbourne from FSC Certified Tasmanian Oak and Black Aluminium. Designed to display your wine collection as a centrepiece in the living space.

MM03 Chair

Marinos Drakopoulos
A bentwood dining chair made of solid timber. The design is simple with a refined structure, highlighting the natural wood. The construction is as minimal as possible and features solid joinery throughout. The construction of the chair is a mix of traditional and CNC fabrication.


Dustin Fritsche
Clearer is a coffee table made of tinted toughened glass and stained American Oak. The frame uses intricate joinery methods and appears tubular in form . It is a playful approach to a sophisticated and practical coffee table design.

Morphe Table

Jordan Gogos
Singular sheet metal design, modular and interlocks to extend into long bench. Functions are an objects, stool and table.


Simon Haeser
‘OCEANIA’ is inspired by the designer’s experience of Australia’s beautiful coastlines, reflecting the bright, clear light and the expansive beaches. The contemporary two-seater suits the sophisticated commercial interior or will equally enhance the living space of the discerning design enthusiast. OCEANIA’s clean lines and flowing curves embrace and comfort.

Big Round

Max Harper
Big round is a coffee table that is simple and eye-catching. it is made from Cork and steel. Made in Sydney, the top is fabricated using woodworking techniques to join cork lumber and CNC to machine the dished shape. The steel architectural like frame was designed to balance the top.

Elk Dining Chair

Tom Hewitt
The Elk outdoor dining chair is a minimalist solution for the indoor or outdoor space. The form is compact and simple to maximise seating numbers around a table. Teak is well known for its excellent resistance to the elements and walnut is also available for as an indoor option.

Kodo Hat & Coat Stand

Daniel Margules
Made from Ash timber and powdercoated steel, the Kodo Hat and Coat Stand is a sophisticated statement piece that is both stylish and functional. This scandi-inspired design incorporates a powdercoated steel shelf plus a variety of hooks to provide plenty of hanging space.

Pedipalp Table

Bailey McFarlane
Beautiful curves and subtle details, this is the essence of the Pedipalp table. With its gentle detailing this table is reviling its beauty through form and craftsmanship.


Rachel McGuigan, Kerri Hollingsworth, Zetta Kanta
‘form.fibre.future’ is a collection of three multi-functioning storage ottoman/coffee tables with reversible lids, harnessing individual artistic expertise through a joint collaboration with Zetta Kanta and Kerri Hollingsworth of an.ti.quate. On the surface, the story promotes an eco-conscious mindset and practical living; beneath is a unified expression of the human journey.

Swept Stool

Alan Newnham
The Swept Stool is a sculptural piece that can be used as a stool, occasional or side table. The observer is drawn to the sweeping intersection of the eccentric curves and the contrasting flat top, which illuminates a visual distinction between differing grain orientations. Made by hand with love.

Torii Chair

Chris Nicholson
The organic and contoured joinery, intrinsic to the design, was instrumental in meeting the design brief – it allowed for a chair which was small, strong and adaptable yet high in comfort and style. Minimal timber components was key in providing robust support and fostering the all-important need for stack-ability

C.O Stool

Adrian Olasau
Beautiful sweeps and subtle curves, this is the C.O Stool. Upon first glance the intricacies of the details may be overlooked, take a closer look and the subtleties will slowly reveal itself. From the gentle sweeping seat to subtle curves of the footrest, this stool is all about the senses.

Bar-code Drinks Cabinet

Eamon Riley
A curiosity of a drinks cabinet, enticing you to playfully spy through its figure as you watch light dance off the contents inside. The surrounding facade consists of sixty two individually cut and cored pill shapes, which also as a motif is used subtly through the majority of the piece.


Phoebe Rogers
The Bernard loveseat was designed to fulfill a growing need for environmentally friendly pieces, and an ever-growing desire of timeless design. Using renewable local timber, natural finishes, with solid construction made to last, this piece is sure to make an impact in the home, without having one on our environment.


David Tate
‘Australiana’ was inspired by the desire to seek and explore authentic Australian design inspiration through its unique fauna, using design elements such as colour, shape and texture. In ‘Australiana’ we take the two most iconic emblems, the emu and the kangaroo, and bring them to life in modern contemporary living.

D Desk

Min Tian, Roy Zheng
The D Desk was designed for an organised lifestyle. The desk has a curved profile in the back to organise cable runs and store power-boards. Two push-out drawers plus a hinged compartment offers plenty of storage whilst two hidden compartments offer security for more personalised items.


Colin Whitehead
Contemporary and timeless design of this chair with its slightly over sized proportion sits low and sleek, made of solid timber frame and ply back and seat, using traditional joints for a streamlined finish.


Dallas Winspear
Hatstand/coat rack. Held together with just one bolt.

Later Lite 01

Adam Broadby
An Australian road is neither here nor there, a non-place. A ribbon of un-buyable land – inhospitable to living things. The surface is full of oil and so too are the vehicles upon it. A fossil-fuelled bubble of comfort which delivers us across the expanse. Can we make the tranistion?

one.two – noise-reducing pendant lights

Tyrone Cleary
one.two is a bespoke collection of noise-reducing pendants. They have a curvaceous fluted design, composed of twelve fins, contrasted against Scandinavian-inspired designer plywood support rings. They are medium-sized pendants made of a sustainable sound-absorbing textile, giving customers an attractive and functional way to fight noise pollution and improve acoustic privacy.

Luna Light

Orest Danylak
Luna comprises of two steam bent timber components, the diffusing canopy, and light emitting belly. The canopy absorbs the light and reflects a warm ambient glow onto its surroundings, the custom-turned brass hardware allows the two timber arcs to suspend independently in the air, permitting the light to reflect unobstructed.


Tonielle Dempers
A playful and nostalgic approach to a task lamp providing every degree of mobility and rotation. Designed for disassembly every aspect of the lamp can be taken apart and recycled. Minimal materials of silver birch timber and powder coated mild steel correspond to roles of movement, touch and structure.

Torque Lamp

Tyran Hanlon
Inspired by a spinning top, this design invokes the user to playfully and purposefully engage with the product. Tactility is key with users rolling the lamp about its base to direct light, a theme which is enhanced by the coloured disk on the top, functioning as the product’s switch.

Too Tone Pendant

Chris Miller, Lisa Kajewski
The Too Tone pendant is a simple hand-rolled pendant light with a patina applied to the outside of the conical form. The varying patinas cause colourful and varying effects to the surfaces, creating a contrast between the two tones, inside and out.

Sharp Light

James Nolan
The sharp light is a desk light designed around a set Ikea lighting component. It is a sleek and simple desk lamp that compliments contemporary design aesthetics. The light is made from one piece aluminium with a wooden base, giving it the perfect marriage between man made and natural mediums.

(OUYSE) / brass wall sconce

Pauline Tsolos
(OUYSE) / brass wall sconce_ . A jewellery-like piece of functional sculpture and collectable design individually crafted in Melbourne. Each piece is unique and has been designed to inspire evocations of intimacy in spaces of dwelling and dining. The oyster-like form takes from nature a wild beauty that is art by day and light by night.


Jack Balfour
Candy is a collection of uniquely wheel thrown porcelain forms celebrating the beauty of controlled surfaces accentuated by refined glazes derived from the lanthanides oxides, copper and iron. Each object creates a vibrant individual experience capturing the motions of the handmade afforded by small batch production.


Manuel Canestrini
Colonnade is a metal stackable indoor planter box that is inspired by ancient roman aqueducts. It is available in two modules, with narrow and wide arches which allow a variety of combinations and heights. Folded aluminium with satin white powder coat 790mm (L) x 160 (W) x 400 (H)

Mr. D

Joandita Centika
Mr. D projects our romantic self, through this project I am exploring the potential of a single line to represent the human body. Like a shy person, on its quietness, it demands interactions. Mr. D invites its spectator to create romance by their own means of using the object.


Thomas Cohen
The exterior of this totemic brass candelabra has a matte finish which is contrasted by the highly-polished inside surface. Each time a segment is separated from the column, the undulating inside face is revealed. The flickering flame of the candle casts a golden light across the rippled, polished internal surfaces.

TOTEMS: C&Q and Candy N.2

Marta Figueiredo
One ottoman and two sound absorbent sculptures. Materials: wool fabric, acrylic paint & pine. TOTEMS were conceived as expressive tactile pieces covered in the vibrant colours of wool fabric and 3D patterns. Playing with human scale; 2.5m, 2.1m and 0.5m respectively, texture and colour, they’re invitations to interaction and play.

TOO D art

Sureen Gouws
A patented geometric wall art system that consists of blank metal canvases to which magnetic geometric metal shapes in different colours can be applied. One can arrange, layer and combine the shapes on the canvas in your own designs and choice of colours to create infinite design possibilities.

Soft Spot Bowl

Jordan Leeflang
The Soft Spot Bowl is made from water formed leather, creating a gentle bowl shape that encourages touch. The hide will naturally patina, changing colour and hardening with use. This seamless leather form is an ideal home for your small items and jewellery.

Democracy of shapes

Eva Novakova
This tableware series displays perfect proportion balancing sterile functionalist form with surreal appearance. Consisting of five fundamental geometries, each emphasise hardness in ambivalent relation with liquid stone. Kiln cast strictly from waste glass, the design incorporates applications for industrial producers to absorb their waste materials for repurpose into production items.


Isaac Pelchen
Ombre is an exploration of form, texture, artistic expression and its translation into functional product design. The textural and simplistic inverse forms of the Ombre collection create sophisticated sculpture like surfaces for the living environment, whilst providing a safe resting place for beverages.

Mesa Heat

Wayan Preston, Jed Kelly, Indigo Tolhurst
Sculptural dinnerware cast from recycled aluminium hair foils. The inspiration for our design aesthetic is from large landforms such as mountains and craters. We take elevation data then manipulate it into our desired form. All designs are smelted in our handmade foundry and moulds are 3D printed using biodegradable plastic.

Acoustic Landscape

Sarah Tracton
Constructed using a niche method of slip/slab technique that results in highly individualised and unique surfaces. 100% handcrafted, this vessel forms its own unique markings and personality. The making process involves building architectural porcelain slabs. With varied colour stain additions, marbled and iridescent surfaces akin to landscape topography are the result.


Fran White
VaryVases are a family of mass-customised vase objects made by rotational casting quick-set resin in an adjustable latex mould. This parametric mould allows the vase’s profile, size, colour and number of openings to vary, while the process of rotational casting creates thin, hollow, and curvaceous vase forms each time.


Colin Whitehead
This shard dressing mirror with its organic shape and random beveled edges is able to be wall mounted or free standing creating flexibility and reflecting life from different angles.


Thomas Yeend
Made using TYD’s signature reclaimed-glass terrazzo mix, the ‘PALETTE’ serving board is both stylish and environmentally conscious by design. Taking inspiration from a traditional painter’s palette, the centre acts as a comfortable, balanced holding position, as well as a convenient cradle for a TYD series ‘Gacha Bowl’.

Cannon Vase

Manuel Canestrini
Cannon Vase is inspired by ‘the living cannon ball’ act in an oldfashioned circus. Its rounded mouthblown grey glass vessel can tilt freely in a conical charred timber base with a perfectly fitting concave cutout. The grey glass vessel features an inserted darkgrey glass (cannon)ball serving as a counterweight. 350mm(H)x200mm(DIA)

Freak. the Chair

Ivana Dancova
Freak. the Chair explores the multiple ways a human body twists and contorts in its physical environment by inspiring a physical interaction with this bulbous inflatable. Hand-cut and tailored to its narrative, the chair dreamily adopts an animalesque form with a shiny, black, latex-resembling skin.


Eial Donnenfeld
An espresso cup specifically designed for at home machine use. The design features a slope proportional to the gravitational constant, causing coffee to flow perfectly without creating air pockets in the ‘crem’ due to splashing. Features a 5mm double walled glass design as to insulate the coffees temperature better.

Hold, Please

Calum Hurley
A wall mounted door-side mirror, “Hold, Please” hosts everything your pockets have carried around all day. Keep your phone, keys, wallet, coins and post in one place to prevent another frantic search for essentials on your way back out; also, check your hair.

Re.Bean Coffee Stool

Kristen Wang
Re.Bean Coffee Stool explores a brand-new sustainable material for furniture pieces from locally collected coffee ground waste and other coffee industry waste. The project features not only a unique smell and tactile of its materiality from coffee, but also its 100% biodegradability – generating no waste to our natural environment.