Sally Campbell’s home via The Design Files

Gazing upon the handmade textiles with their intricate stitching and exquisite homage to tradition and detail, it’s hard not to become consumed by their beauty. Sally Campbell must have the exact sentiment when putting her textile collection together, for each of these pieces warrant being displayed in a very public fashion for all to admire and enjoy. After 25 years as a film designer, during which she made many trips to India collecting fabrics, Sally finally decided to produce her own collection.

“My desire is to create beautiful handcrafted textiles and give them a contempary edge to suit modern environments. All my quilts, throws and cushions are either ‘hand-dyed’, ‘hand-stiched’, ‘hand-woven’ or ‘hand block-printed’. Unlike machine-made products, they fade naturally and imperfections are part of their beauty and uniqueness.”

Oh how we love that.

Sally travels to many remote communities, working closely with the artisans. Different areas in India specialise in different crafts and she works with women who create exquisite applique work in the desert near Pakistan, natural dye block printers in Rajasthan, village weavers in Bengal and Hyderabad, and women who do intricate hand embroidery in Lucknow. Like other Western designers working in India, she is hoping to keep these ancient crafts alive as they compete with the manic rush to modernisation. Another great reason to invest in SC textiles is that they are carbon neutral, eco-friendly and a percentage of the sale price goes back to the rural communities which makes them – wow, now that is truly inspiring.

Just as incredible as her textile talents is her beautiful home recently featured on The Design Files.

Read more about Sally and her incredible journeys to India on her website;