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Design Online is pleased to reveal the finalists for The Edge 2014, the design competition for new and emerging designers.

Celebrating its 12th year in 2014, the Edge at Decoration + Design will be held at the Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park, from Wednesday 5 February 2014 until Friday 7 February 2014.

The Edge provides a much coveted industry platform for new design talent from across the country. To date it has assisted over 500 designers with more than 900 products to kick-start their careers.

With the categories of student, concept, commercial and for the most sustainable product across all entries, The Edge is the biggest drawcard and most interesting and exciting part of the fair pulsing with creative energy and talent.

The Edge 2014 is a design event not to be missed – only at Decoration + Design. For more information and for tickets, click here.



Formicaio – Paulo Szostak, concept
Formicaio, Italian for anthill, is made from used newspapers. Hand shredded mixed with water, hand pressed into a mould and air dried. Low wattage light source. Paulo is an Enmore graduate who has just started his product design career. He is passionate about design and works primarily as a photographer.


COMB – Dennis Lam, student
The COMB light is made from a solid timber block to accentuate the natural texture of the timber, and has a magnetic mechanism without a formal switch. MR16. Dennis is going into final year Industrial design at RMIT 2014.


Paperclip – Rebecca Crooke, student
The Paperclip desk light, like it’s namesake, maintains a functional workspace through a cleanly streamlined form. Its essentialist nature demonstrates a modern use of space. Anodised Aluminium, Opal Acrylic, LED strip. An emerging third year RMIT student with a strong aesthetic values.


Log Light – Duncan Meerding, commercial
This new reiteration of the Log Light is designed with outdoor capabilities. Reclaimed logs. Much of Duncan’s work focuses on an overall form rather than intense detailing, he has an interest in the dispersion of light through and around objects.


Spindent – Nicholas Sadowsky, commercial
The Spindent light’s simple and clean aesthetic combines a timeless elegance with sustainable principles. It’s smooth lines and symmetry ensure effective application in both commerical and residential spaces. Components interlock without adhesives or screws and fit within each other for efficient distribution. Spindent utilises anodised aluminium and FSC Certified American Oak. Nick designs innovative products with aesthetic simplicity.  His designs provoke an emotional attachment between the user and object and his high regard for sustainability throughout the design process and product life-cycle ensures that his products are meticulously considered. Nick is in his final year of Industrial Design at the University of Technology, Sydney.


The Great Collapse – Shannon Riddle, student
A unique stool encapsulating abstraction with structural integrity. Powdercoated, Steel, Timber. Shannon is consistently producing unique work across various materials and concepts with the end user firmly in mind.


One Eight One – Shannon Riddle, student
A solid piece of Rock Maple split into eight sections with a powdercoated aluminium cavity cap for the light source. 12V LED. Designed over 3 sizes. Shannon is consistently producing unique work across various materials and concepts with the end user firmly in mind.


Lightbox – Aimee Ryan, student
Custom handmade childrens night light. Lightbox is portable and battery operated. Timber, Acrylic and Aluminium. LED light source. Aimee enjoys finding design solutions for projects by using nature, geometric shapes and patterns as inspiration.  She strives to be original and unique in her designs, while keeping costs to the environment as low as possible.


Pebble – Ed Turner, student
A side table that is hand formed utlising traditional blacksmithing methods. Indoor / outdoor 10mm powdercoated steel, 1.6mm steel mesh. A young RMIT design student exploring standard materials with old methodologies. Craft meets experimental modernity.


U1 – Sandra Elliot, student
Inspired by the letter U, U1 is a coffee table designed as a continuous convex natural flow. U1 can also be fitted with a glass top. Laminated Plywood. Lidcombe Tafe student producing mature minimal organic work.


Tables Four Two – Sheree Bucton, commercial
An elegant and compact nest of four furniture components. TFT can be left nested, separated or uniquely coupled to create two separate kids chair and table. A Newcastle based studio designing elegant practical work providing thoughtful considered designs.


Crescent Table Lamp – Lewis Yee, student
A table lamp demonstrating parabolic reflection which features adjustable arms and a rotating diffuse reflector dish. Suitable for task and ambient lighting. Lewis is a RMIT student under the tutelage of Edward Linacre and Viktor Legin.


Flip Lamp – Gabriella Audrey Aliwarga, student
Flip lamp is a portable lamp designed with a rechargeable battery. This lamp can articulate, altering the angle of the light source to create a different ambience. Timber veneer, Aluminium, Plywood and rechargeable battery light source. Gabriella is a current RMIT student who “likes to keep things simple”.



Eden – Lissa Bruce, student
Eden is a pendant light inspired by nature. The tiers can be articulated to create variations of light diffusion. Acrylic, Steel. Lissa is an emerging designer 2nd year Lidcombe TAFE.


Scoop – Stephanie Ng, commercial
The clean contour of the pendant light gently wraps around the globe as close as possible, reminiscent of an ice cream cone. The accent ring replicates the flavours. American Oak with powder coated aluminium spun body in white or black. Option | Coloured band in Black, Silver or Orange Flex 1.6m in Black and White Zig Zag or Orange DIA105 H210 LED 2W 3000k Warm White. Emerging lighting designer with strong aesthetics and conceptual work. Winner The Edge Concept 2013 with her Halo Light.


Flashlight – Hugh Altschwager, commercial
Designed with indigenous materials in mind and can be replicated globally. Elegant and minimal the Flashlight uses South Australian limestone and reclaimed hardwood with a 25 watt incandescent light. 100% designed and handcrafted in Victoria. Hugh is an architect who has moved into product design winning the VIVID 2013 Commercial Category and selected for 100% Design UK. Hugh is starting his product design career and shows a mature approach.


Foul Play – Nicola Liston, student
Without direct human interaction this light alludes to human intervention and foul play. Delicate glass has not been shattered but wounded with the weapon which is still lodged in each piece. Glass, Tasimanian Oak. Nicola is a third year RMIT student with strong conceptual work.


IN-DUSTRY – Ellen Sandiford-Kellier, student
Designed to an industrial aesthetic. The IN-DUSTRY pendant light draws on traditonally beautiful materials, polished brass and leather contrasted against raw industrial fittings. Ellen is a third year RMIT designer with a poetic cord running through her design work.


Hekta – Alex O’Connell, commercial
Constructed from recycled office furnishings into a simple pendant light geared towards sustainable practice. Alex is an aspiring young designer striving to create sustainable products.


Lumen – Matthew Harding / Rowan Turnham, student
Laser cut Hoop pine plywood pendant light with non-toxic milk paint and incandescent light. Matthew and Rowan are young students experimenting with plywood and sustainable practice from Monash University.


Me + Me too Range – Paul Townsin
A contemporary range of concrete lamps lights utilising steel, aluminium and incandescent lights. Also available as a pendant light. Paul Townsin is a product designer who is developing a clean modernity using industrial materials to create organic forms.


Attached – Hope Giacoppo, student
Beech pendant lights inspired by nature.  The steam bent form neatly attaches around the oversized LED. Hope Giacoppo is a third year RMIT student with strong potential.


Squiggle – Kristina Melnikova, concept
Born from a sketched squiggle this self attaching pendant light cover is made from a single 13 metre veneer and comes rolled in a box. Installation requires the user to engage with the piece via guided cutouts along the length of the veneer. Squiggle offers a solution to the issue of bare lightbulbs commonly faced in rented apartments. Timber veneer or plastic edged ribbon – laser cut notches. Talented emerging design student from CIT in Perth, Kristina experiments with material and form to identify and solve existing market opportunities.


KAV – Asher Abergel, commercial
KAV Pendants are a range of clean minimalist pendant lights which use a single continuous line as the meeting point for two contrasting materials, accentuating their individual characters. KAV are avaialble in timber and cork versions. Two sizes. Asher is an Industrial Design student wanting to make a positive and defining impact with his work.  He is an enthusiastic and  passionate person who has both a desire to succeed with a strong work ethic and eagerness to learn.


Wrapper – Toby Nowland, concept
To form the Wrapper light, a section of solid mesh is rolled and one end clenched to form the end cap. Abstracted diffusion. Toby graduated last year and quickly found work as a designer for a design house in Melbourne. Winner of the Edge Green Award 2013 and sent to ICFF 2013.


Otto-Box – Ben Cooper, student
The Otto-Box combines an adaptable upholstered ottoman with the functionality of a coffee table. Timber, MDF & upholstery. Ben is an aspiring young Lidcombe design student exploring innovative furniture forms with cabinet making skills honed in London.


Glow Bright – Ben Cooper, student
The Glow Bright range is a playful set of lights that offer an ambient glow on a feature wall. The lights are available in two sizes and the full spectrum of colours. Polyolefin, Dura-flex steel. Ben is an aspiring young Lidcombe design student exploring innovative lighting applications.


Selt – M1 – Jeewon Choi, student
An organic side table incorporating plywood, steel and glass. Inspired by flora. Jeewon is an emerging designer from NSW in second year at Lidcombe TAFE.


Tranquility – Linda Huynh, student
A side table representing the simple beauty of nature with a changeable top located with earth magnets. Plywood, Australian hardwood & rare earth magnets. Emerging designer from NSW in second year at Lidcombe TAFE.


Freefold Stool – Tobias Horrocks, commercial
Freefold Stool is an ecologically sustainable product that slots together in two minutes and can be reconfigured. Post consumer waste paper and sustainably managed plantation wood fibre. Toby is a practising architect, writer and designer of cardboard product reflecting his Sustainable design ethos and agenda. Winner Fringe 2013.


The Boxes – Amiee Ryan, student
Designed for children The Boxes are a utilitarian storage product that can be mounted or placed on the floor. Timber, flat steel bar, paint. Amiee is an emerging designer from NSW in second year at Coffs Harbour TAFE.


Staten Trestle Table – Damian Cuffe, student
Staten is an indoor/outdoor trestle table designed for compact spaces with light transmission built in and demountable for easy storage. Steel, Expanded mesh, HDPE spacers and rubber feet. Damian Cuffe is an emerging designer from VIC in second year at RMIT.


Point – 45 –  Shannon Riddle, student
Point – 45 is a sidetable that slots together without glue or screws. Easy to manufacture and uses Amercian Cherry legs and Corian top. Graduate from CIT and and in final year at Curtain University studying Industrial Design.


The Satellite Stool – Eugenie Kawabata
A simple prototype side table that utilises timber and an upholstered woollen top. A simple form inspired by natural elements. Eugenie is an emerging designer from VIC in second year at RMIT.


Le Tabouret – Sholto Hayes, student
A rocking stool ergonomically designed to inspire correct posture and engage core muscles. Laminated Hoop Pine ply with an upholstered seat using earth magnets for locating. Danish Oil. Sholto has been a leading design student from Lidcombe TAFE for the last few years, expoloring the use of sustainable materials and organic forms.


Bat Table – Andrew Holloway, student
Inspired by Batman and ideally formed for gaming and coffee table useage. Comical. Sheet metal, glass, ply. Andrew has a passion for furniture, striving to create new and interesting products through creative thinking, material research, exploring new and traditiional manufacturing processes and concept prototyping.


Tables de profile – Zev Bianchi, commercial
Bamboo ply CNC profile cut and keeping wastage to a minimum per sheet. Varied sizes and tops. Zev Bianchi, Protohub Director, specialises in Bamboo, stainless steel products and also bespoke interior fitout.


6eck – Vivien Rink, commercial
A multi – functional design. It can be used as a stool, side table and storage box. Timber or ply and echo panel. Design lecturer and designer as well as maker, specialising in timber concepts. Vivien originally trained in Europe.


The ‘softer concrete’ stool – Monique Svenson, student
Reinterpretation of materials in a surrealistic way. Unique and structurally solid. Concrete and timber. Talented emerging student from RMIT with timber knowledge and training in the North American market.


Sit and Stack – Monique Svenson, student
A simple box form reinterpreted for utilitarian use with contemporary aesthetics and colour spectrum. Powdercoated Mild Steel. A talented emerging student from RMIT with timber knowledge and training in the North American market.