Virtual Networking Lounge

The Virtual Networking Lounge is the perfect place to reconnect with industry colleagues, meet new clients, discuss new products, and nurture creativity.

Designers, decorators, retailers, architects and exhibitors can take the time chat with a virtual glass of wine or champagne in this ultimate virtual creative environment during the 5 days – just like the physical event!

To make your experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible, before you start networking, please take a very quick system check by clicking on this link – this will ensure the your browser allows access to your camera and microphone.

Once this is completed, click on Virtual Networking Lounge on the Decor + Design & AIFF 360 Homepage for access the Lounge. Once you have joined, make sure your camera and microphone are turned on. You will randomly join a table, but you are free to move around as you please, simply double click on the table you wish you join – its as easy as that!

The Networking Lounge will work on Desktops, Laptops and Mobile Phones. Tablets are not supported at this time.

Optimise your experience!

For the best experience we recommend these steps:

  • Close all other video applications, as well as memory intensive programs (especially in Windows 10)
  • Close other browser Windows
  • Close other tabs in your browser
  • Connect to the internet using a wired connection (faster and more stable than WiFi)
  • When possible use your desktop rather than a mobile phone

Full Guide for visitors of the Virtual Networking Lounge, click here

Please also join us in the Lounge for the VIVID Design Awards presentation at 1.30pm on Tuesday 29th September.