By Bernadette Janson, The School of Renovating


In recent years the bathroom has evolved from a purely functional room to a living space where we can luxuriate and wash away the worries of the day. This evolution is evident not only in the fixtures, fittings and finishes but also in the layouts, which are breaking the rules in traditional bathroom design. On the eve of 2015 it seems that in the bathroom, almost anything goes athough there are a few trends that that are leading the charge.

1. Mixed media

There is a mini revolution going on in the materials used in bathroom renovations bringing a richness of texture and colour to the palette. Organic materials such as natural stone, concrete, timber and timber veneers are increasing in popularity.

Timber paneling reminiscent of the 70s sauna is making a discreet comeback.

We will also see an expansion in the composition of the bathtub with copper and timber baths for the purists. The traditional stone bath will still be very popular but I hasten to add that ,contrary to popular belief, almost all “stone baths “ on the market today are a composite product made from crushed stone and resin.

Traditional ceramic tiles will always be the mainstay of the bathroom renovating but the format is moving away from the mosaics into larger format, subway tiles are strong contenders and for the brave, three dimensional wall tiles are emerging as the wild card.


2. Industrial is growing stronger

The industrial look goes from strength to strength with the characteristic utilitarian design partnering up with luxury features, glass, concrete, exposed pipework, industrial pendant lighting and a variety of metals.

industrial bathroom

3. The luxe look

Luxury features are essential in 2015 starting with the layout. Space is the biggest luxury of all and is being achieved in the smallest of bathrooms with adaptions of the wet room.

By eliminating the need for a separate shower cubical, the bathroom is instantly transformed spatially. The walk-in shower is coming into its own, the single blade of frameless glass and the omission of the shower door not only produce a classy pared-back look, but also provides a welcome relief from cleaning.

There is also a distinct increase in the substitution of coloured glass for wall tiles in the shower recess to eliminate the need to clean grout.

Organically shaped freestanding baths, double basins, wall hung furniture and double showers will continue to be incorporated in bathrooms into 2015 to create the ultimate indulgence.

4. Colour inspiration

Bathrooms are taking their colour inspiration from their organic materials with varying tones of greys, whites and earthy neutrals being popular. Watery marines and citrus brights (tangerine, lemon and lime) provide welcome accents.

Perhaps the most notable development in colour is that of the metals. No longer are tap-ware and light fittings limited to the use of stainless steel and chrome but we are seeing the introduction of steel, copper and black matt.

Another trend to note is that highly polished gloss look is giving way to a much more subdued matt finish particularly in cast stone basins, baths and even tap ware.

5. Communing with nature

Our insatiable appetite for the great outdoors is making its way into bathroom design with the line between indoors and outdoors becoming increasingly blurred. This will be manifest in vertical gardens internally, outdoor shower installation, or opening the bathroom onto a lush private courtyards


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